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Thank you for choosing Tourist Spot. (“Tourist Spot”) to help plan your trip. The purchase of travel, accommodation, insurance or other products or services (“Travel Services”) through Tourist Spot constitutes an agreement between you and Tourist Spot. The following terms and conditions form part of that agreement. These conditions affect your legal rights, including your right to sue. Please make sure you have read and understood these terms and conditions.


Fresh Tracks acts solely as the agent for the suppliers of the services being arranged for you (“Travel Suppliers”). Many, if not all, of the Travel Services that make up or relate to your travel booking are provided by independent service providers. Travel Suppliers are independent parties over which Fresh Tracks exercises no control.

We do not accept legal liability or responsibility for any Travel Services provided by any Travel Suppliers. If for any reason Travel Suppliers are unable to provide the Travel Services as contracted, your remedy lies only with the Travel Suppliers.

We rely on the information that is provided by Travel Suppliers to assist you in making informed decisions, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of such information. Personalized travel requests (e.g. seat or room allocations) cannot be guaranteed. It is possible that departure times, accommodations, and/or other Travel Services booked may change even after a booking is completed and full payment has been received. We do not represent that any Travel Services travel products or services will be suitable for you.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Making a deposit or payment for Travel Services to us, as the agent of one or more Travel Suppliers, contracts you to the terms and conditions of each Travel Supplier. Please read all such additional terms and conditions or terms of use carefully. Such terms can be found on the Travel Supplier’s website, in their printed materials and are available upon request from Travel Suppliers.

Some Travel Suppliers may also require you to sign a liability waiver prior to participating in certain Travel Services. You understand that any refusal to agree to any terms and conditions or to sign a waiver as required may result in the cancellation of Travel Services, the inability to participate in Travel Services or the forfeiture of amounts paid for Travel Services.


You represent and warrant that you are at least 19 years of age and possess the legal authority to enter into this agreement in accordance with all terms and conditions herein on behalf of yourself and on behalf of all others for whom you are booking any Travel Services.

You agree to inform all users of the Travel Services you have booked that these terms and conditions apply to all Travel Services arranged on their behalf and will be binding upon them.

Should you not have the authority warranted or fail to provide the agreed notice to those for whom you book Travel Services, in breach of these terms and conditions, or should you book Travel Services for a minor, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold Fresh Tracks and its employees, servants and agents harmless from any and all claims in any way arising from any Travel Services you have booked.