Who Are the Most Influential People in New York City?

New York City

Discover the vibrant heart of the urban jungle with “New York City“! Immerse yourself in the bustling streets, iconic landmarks, and cultural melting pot that never sleeps. From the heights of the Empire State to the serenity of Central Park

New York City is home to a diverse group of top influencers. These digital story tellers inspire and educate their followers about a wide range of topics from cuisine and travel to fashion and beauty.

Blair Eadie is an influential NYC blogger known for her unique outfit style. She has a large following on Instagram and works with various brands.

Leandra Medine

A popular fashion blogger who goes by the name of Man Repeller, Leandra Medine is one of the top NYC Influencers with a massive social media following. Her high fashion aesthetics and comedic approach to life has earned her a large audience.

Elma Beganovich is a social media strategist who shares her professional opinion about influencer marketing with her followers. She is a trusted authority on various aspects of the business and has been featured on major news platforms.

Bringing a colorful splash to the Instagram feeds of her 728K followers, Color Queen Courtney is one of the most popular NYC influencers. Her chirpy personality, colorful style, and delicious food posts are a big draw for her fans. She also blogs at her site, ‘The Color Queen’. The New York City native is passionate about empowering women and helping them achieve their dreams.

New York City

Francisco Lachowski

Francisco Lachowski is a model who works with various swimwear and streetwear brands. He also runs his own men’s style blog, He Spoke Style, which has garnered a large following. He is also a fitness enthusiast who loves tennis, soccer, and Muay Thai.

He embodied the ethos of New York, which is all about striving and climbing. His work changed how outsiders viewed the city.

He is one of the few people who understand how to leverage the power of tech for good. He’s helped persuade companies to work with government agencies, which makes NYC more receptive to their needs. He also backed challengers to incumbent council members in Harlem, a move that blew up in the tabloids. His AIDS research saved thousands of lives and changed how the world viewed science. He’s truly an icon.

Elma Beganovich

Georgetown law grad Elma Beganovich co-founded Amra & Elma, an influencer marketing firm that has made her a prominent force in digital marketing. Her social media content includes a mix of lifestyle, fashion, and professional insights.

Aixa Torres might not look like someone who’d wield a lot of power, but she’s renowned for her ability to get elected officials involved in local issues. She recently used her clout to resolve a dispute over tree removal at the Smith Houses, where she lives.

Mom blogger and travel enthusiast Bridget Tyler has garnered a large following through her Instagram profile, where she shares fashion, lifestyle and family oriented posts with a cool-and-classy approach to her aesthetic. Her account has bagged a following of 896K people. She’s also a top NYC Influencer.

Naomi Abrams

No one has done more to prevent all-out tech vs. government warfare than Samuels. Whenever New York start-ups piss off a union or annoy a city agency, she’s there to calm them down and show them how to work with the relevant officials. She’s also a key figure in convincing the tech world that NYC governments aren’t filled with Luddites.

Edith Wharton’s first-hand knowledge of high society fueled her scathing depictions of upper-class manners in The House of Mirth and The Age of Innocence. Her writings earned her a spot as one of the most influential English authors in history.

From her life in hospital scrubs to style inspiration for her 240k followers, Sabrina teaches a well-rounded lifestyle while keeping her audience grounded & informed. Her authenticity & honesty make her an influencer of choice for many brands and a trusted source of information.

Helena Glazer

The ultra-chic blonde blogger behind the Man Repeller website has become a major NYC influencer by sharing her lifestyle with over 1 million followers on Instagram. She’s also an author and has collaborated with a number of top brands.

In a city where the tech industry and government often clash, Julie Samuels is indispensable for her ability to convince entrepreneurs that City Hall isn’t filled with Luddites. She’s every startup’s de facto government fixer.

She’s known for her fashion, inspiration and photography blogs ‘NYC Bambi’ and has amassed a large following on Instagram with 469K followers. She shares her travels, advice and adventures in the Big Apple with her followers. She has worked with a number of popular brands such as GAP, UGG and L’Oreal. Her style is characterized by a high-fashion aesthetic and a comedic approach.

Olivia Jeanette

One of the top fashion influencers in NYC, Olivia Jeanette is all about body-positivity and has amassed a massive following on her Instagram page. She’s known for sharing creative ideas on work wear, daily lifestyle, beauty, travel and home decor.

Edith Wharton, Culture

The author of classic novels like The House of Mirth and The Age of Innocence, her first-hand knowledge of high society fueled her scathing depictions of manners and morals. Her work influenced many later authors and remains highly influential today.

Luda Weigand

With a diverse population wedged into a tight space, New York City has an impressive number of top influencers. From beauty to fashion, food to travel, these digital storytellers can drive brand awareness and product sales for a variety of industries.

Ellie Rines runs a teensy gallery that packs a big punch in an era of megagalleries. Her discerning eye has launched the careers of young artists and fueled debate over the city’s zeitgeist.

As the founder of Tech:NYC, Julie Samuels has become every tech start-up’s de facto government fixer. She’s the one who prevents all-out tech-versus-government warfare and knows how to get things done at City Hall.

Alyssa Lenore

Alyssa Lenore has a massive online presence on Instagram and is one of the city’s top influencers. She shares her life in scrubs and a wholesome sense of style with her followers and has appeared in trusted publications such as BuzzFeed.

The de facto government fixer for New York’s tech industry, Samuels is appreciated for her ability to convince both sides that City Hall isn’t filled with Luddites. “She knows the right people to talk to,” says a city councilman.

In one of her best battles, she got NYCHA to agree to plant trees at the Smith Houses after they damaged some during hurricane-resiliency work. That’s just one example of her tenacity. Her work helped make the city a place where architecture matters.

Jelena Zacche

One of the top NYC influencers who focus on beauty, fashion and minimalism, Jelena serves great content to her 356k followers. She has her own blog named Scout Sixteen where she talks about various aspects of life such as beauty, style and travel.

The founder of Man Repeller, Leandra Medine has a massive fan following for her high fashion aesthetics and a comedic approach. Her blog has made waves across the internet and she has been a part of many major campaigns.

Elma Beganovich is a multifaceted professional who has been featured on several trusted media outlets such as Nasdaq and Forbes. Her expertise on social media and influencer marketing has led to her immense success. She is a true inspiration to other aspiring professionals. She’s also a talented writer. She has written books such as “The Art of Living With Cancer” and “The Art of Being Single.” Her work inspires readers to live a full life no matter what the circumstances are.

Justin Weigand

As an iconic trendsetting city, NYC has a wealth of talent and poise with a rich history that attracts people from all over the world. This concrete jungle of fashion, food, art, historic bars, and theater is also home to a number of influential people that have helped shape NYC into what it is today.

KKR co-founder Henry Kravis has transformed the finance industry while also helping to boost tourism and investment in the city. Woody Allen is one of the most celebrated film directors and writers, with an illustrious career that includes over 50 films.

Mom blogger and style influencer Helena Glazer blogs about family oriented content on her blog ‘Brooklyn Blonde’. She is one of the top NYC influencers with a massive following on Instagram and her content about personal style, beauty, travel, and lifestyle is an inspiration for her audience.

New York City

Discover the vibrant heart of the urban jungle with “New York City“! Immerse yourself in the bustling streets, iconic landmarks, and cultural melting pot that never sleeps. From the heights of the Empire State to the serenity of Central Park New York City is home to a diverse group of top influencers. These digital story…

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